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Christine Murdock D'Alessandro

Freelance editor, writer, and novelist Christine Murdock D’Alessandro worked in London for 20 years as a senior/executive editor in both trade and academic publishing, including several years with Dorling Kindersley, the groundbreaking publishers of illustrated reference books. She has written as a freelancer for several different media (newspapers, books, CDs, websites, and documentary films). She studied philosophy at Mount Holyoke College and earned a masters with distinction in English Literature from Harpur College (Binghamton University).

Having returned to the US in 1998, her long-standing interest in land use and environmental issues led her to become a founding member of two Long Island groups: the Three Village Community Trust (based in Setauket, New York), dedicated to the preservation of open space and the restoration of historical properties; and the Friends of Flax Pond, whose mission is to protect a rare salt marsh estuary. It was involvement in the latter group that led to community recognition as “Person of the Year” in 2004.




Friends of Flax Pond

Three Village Community Trust


BA in Philosophy from Mount Holyoke College

MA in English Literature (with Distinction) from Harpur College (Binghamton University)


Boathouses, A Novel

“For me, the joy of freelancing has always been its stimulating diversity: you get to meet so many interesting people, are always learning something new, and are intimately involved in the creation of something that is enduring, often accomplished, and often profound: a beautiful book that is a source of pride for the writer and designer, and a source of pleasure for the reader.”

client testimonials


“I consider Christine not just a very good editor but a brilliant editor.” I know I can rely on Christine for advice about anything pertaining to writing and editing, from press releases and brochures to thank you letters, and her love of the written word is obvious. As a colleague, she is cheerful and supportive, someone who enjoys the give-and-take of discussions and respects the constraints of time and budgets. In short, I am happy to recommend her and the quality of her work to anyone requiring a highly skilled, highly knowledgeable writer and editor.” 


“It is a great pleasure to write a letter of support for Christine. We worked together closely for five years at Dorling Kindersley Publishers in London, several of those on the 20-volume MindPower series for Time Life Books. Her considerable knowledge on a wide range of subjects and her infectious enthusiasm made her an invaluable team member; she was much liked by everyone. Christine’s editorial skills were of the highest standard, combining a meticulous eye for detail with great skill and sensitivity when working on an author’s text. I considered her to be the best editor on our team, and she was always generous with advice and support to the other editors. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Christine; she would be a great asset to any team.”


“Christine is an excellent editor. I needed someone to help me with an academic article I submitted to the biggest journal in my field and she gave me the best service I could have hoped for. I am proud to say that my article was accepted almost immediately after her excellent and timely edits. The reviewer said that my article was perfect “as is.” I owe this to Christine and her attention to detail, encouragement, and support in getting my paper “in shape.” I cannot recommend both Catherine and Christine enough.”


“Christine D’Alessandro is intelligent, thoughtful, creative, energetic, and a pleasure to work with professionally. She has the perfect temperament to assist in the editing and writing process . . . I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with someone as talented as Christine. She is a remarkable editor who shares her wealth of experience with you as you approach and work through the writing process. I highly recommend her and know that you will find her to be an excellent person to work with on your writing.”


“I had the enormous good fortune of having Christine as an editor and friend during the researching and writing of Stolen for Profit and Bad Blood: Crisis in the American Red Cross, and acknowledged her contribution in both books as having been superlative. Christine has a gift for shaping ideas into content, and does so in a manner that is both enjoyable and instructive to the author. I consider Christine not just a very good editor but a brilliant editor.”

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