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"I love the magic of words and how language works. 
I also love to learn, and a vast universe makes that possible every day. That my love for words and learning allows me to help others communicate something important to them or to learn something new makes the work I do very rewarding.
I'm an editor, a writer, and a teacher. "

Officially, it's my job to improve something that's been written, to do the actual writing, or to help others better express themselves with words. My editing and writing portfolio spans topics in spirituality, psychology, health and wellness, profiles, and book reviews. With more than twenty years in publishing, I've acquired a broad skill set, which includes collaborating with a variety of authors and with professionals across an organization, managing projects and project teams under deadlines, using graphic design to support editorial content, and learning new skills in our ever-changing tech-centric workplaces.
Early in my publishing career, I was the staff copy editor and the food and profiles editor for Yoga Journal magazine, which gave me experience with an editorial team that repeatedly won Folio’s Gold Editorial Excellence Award. At the Institute of Noetic Sciences, a nonprofit founded by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell to advance research that bridges science and spirit, I was the senior editor of its membership publication, Shift. Currently, I work with Edgar Cayce’s legacy organization, the Association for Research and Enlightenment, as editor in chief of its quarterly magazine, Venture Inward, as well as professionals and authors on their projects and as a freelance editor for Sounds True Publishing.
Before I transitioned into publishing and straight out of university, I taught English to high school students of all levels, from seniors in AP English to at-risk students. I have also enjoyed enjoyed teaching English as a second language to professionals and college students new to the US. I studied for my master’s in English at the University of Chicago, where I was rigorously schooled in the elements that create thoughtful writing and engaging storytelling. If you’d like to see my LinkedIn profile, it’s here.

Unofficially, it’s my job to grow with others, to think that much more, maybe differently, and more deeply together; to enhance our appreciation for the art, the discipline, and the power of language; and to be mindful with others that how we work together is as important as the work we do.

Vesela Simic

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