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“Catherine is an amazingly conscientious editor.  Her attention to detail is remarkable and refreshing. Not only is she a great copy editor, she has such a complete background in all aspects of writing and editing that she is able to provide feedback about the project on many levels. I am thrilled to be working with Catherine and I look forward to many more projects together!”

Renee LaRose,

Founder of Intention to Detail

"Catherine is a brilliant writer and editor. She is highly intelligent, articulate, a quick study, and detail oriented. She brings her total attention to her projects, simultaneously able to deal with big issues as well as the smallest details. Catherine possesses a rare balance and poise. She has the ability to be an effective leader while making the work environment pleasurable because she is wise and kind.”

Lorelei Andrysick,


“I consider Christine not just a very good editor, but a brilliant editor. I know I can rely on Christine for advice about anything pertaining to writing and editing, from press releases and brochures to thank you letters, and her love of the written word is obvious. I am happy to recommend her and the quality of her work to anyone requiring a highly skilled, highly knowledgeable writer and editor.” 

Elizabeth Wilson,

Special Projects Manager to

Dr. Richard Leakey

“I had the enormous good fortune of having Christine as an editor and friend during the researching and writing of two of my books and acknowledged her contribution as having been superlative. Christine has a gift for shaping ideas into content, and does so in a manner that is both enjoyable and instructive to the author. I consider Christine not just a very good editor but a brilliant editor.”

Judith Reitman,

Award-Winning Author