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A great writing coach offers the expertise of an editor, teacher, cheerleader, taskmaster, and, at times, therapist. Sometimes we just can't accomplish our writing goals alone. We need to be accountable to someone other than ourselves, especially when it comes to writing in a meaningful way and staying on track. A writing coach is your guide to the often intense world of creation, particularly when you’re writing a memoir or personal essay that brings up a lot of difficult emotion. As a writer, certified editor, and trained hospice bereavement volunteer, Catherine is particularly well-suited to guide writers working through loss with their writing.


Catherine's Qualifications

  • Over 20+ years as an editor/proofreader

  • BA degree in English Literature from UC Berkeley

  • Certification in Editing from UC Berkeley Extension

  • Trained Hospice Bereavement Volunteer


Ongoing Coaching Package:

  • Initial 90-Minute Evaluation

  • Setup of a  Writing Schedule with Defined Milestones

  • Oral Editorial Feedback

  • Weekly 1-hour Check-Ins by Phone or In Person

  • 10% Discount on Editorial Services



If you've been working on a book, play, or any significant piece of writing and are ready for another pair of eyes to help you evaluate next steps, we can help. In fact, we begin all our editing projects by providing a client with an analysis of the piece's strengths and weaknesses, the type of editing or rewriting needed, and an estimate of the time and cost involved in receiving our help. Perhaps you do not need editorial assistance but simply want a second opinion on your writing as it's unfolding or before moving forward in the direction you want to go. We can analyze your work and provide you our recommendations on next best steps. We are comfortable with all genres of writing but specialize in non-fiction, health and wellness, and spirituality-related titles.


If you've written a book that you'd like to self-publish, we can help manage the production process by coordinating with your designer and packager, generating an ISBN, and ensuring the editing and proofreading of the project. The rate can be determined hourly or as a flat fee once the scope of the project is defined. 

Production editing involves managing the entire production process from manuscript to finished product, including:

  • Scheduling and tracking the entire production process.

  • Getting bids from manufacturers and awarding work.

  • Hiring and supervising copyeditors and designers.

  • Incorporating the author's replies to queries (cleanup editing).

  • Ensuring the quality of typography and manufacturing.

  • Executing administrative procedures (such as registration of copyright).

*(Sourced from Bay Area Editors' Forum)


Researchers find information to support the writing of a work or to verify information already supplied by the writer or editor.

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